Beautiful examples of sheet cane, weave cane, rush and any other fiber seats and backs.

Pictures of other things.

Overland Park Cane is closed until further notice.

Our caning and rushing services include removal and replacement of:

Sheet Cane or Press-In Cane-              a prewoven sheet of cane webbing is fit into a groove surrounding the seat hole.

Weave Cane or Hand Cane-           each strand of cane is woven through a series of holes, about the diameter of a pencil, surround seat hole.

Rushing-                                      natural material or artificial paper rush is woven around either the chair frame or a separate "slip" seat.

Lovely photos of both personal and custom upholstery pieces

And The Rest


Re Upholstery Gallery

We do a limited amount of upholstery concentrating on dining seats, both drop seats (removable upholstered board) and framed seats.  We also specialize in antique chair upholstery including rewebbing, 8-way hand tied springs, piping and brass tacks.

Cane & Rush Gallery

We also do chair repair from small glue joints to regluing the entire chair. We do not strip or refinish.

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Overland Park Cane and Seat